MPC Proudly Sponsors Racing Champion Kyle Denmyer

MPC is proud to introduce Kyle Denmyer. Kyle was an employee of MPC until he decided to leave our employment and pursue his dream of professional racing. Kyle started racing when he was five years old and immediately fell in love with driving. He started out racing a kid kart and worked his way up to a Briggs Animal 340 and a Briggs Animal 375. Kyle’s success on the tracks earned him a reputation for being one of the toughest and most professional competitors in the East Coast tri-state area.

driver Kyle Denmeyer with sponsor MPC representative

Kyle is now 25 years old and has been racing for 20 years. In 2013, at age 16, Kyle was given the opportunity to drive a 358 sprint car. This opportunity opened the door for Kyle to transition to a whole new level of racing, a level that he and his family have worked very hard to achieve. Late in 2013, Kyle began the process of becoming acclimated to the additional 700 horse power that the 358 sprint car produces over his previous car. Now Kyle and his Dad Roger own the 358 sprint car that he races. Kyle is currently in the middle of his 2022 season, and doesn't have any plans to slow down.  Visit his website at for more information.

Pushing the Limits While Balancing His Work

Kyle is a very dedicated and passionate young man who lives and breathes racing. He is doing a great job balancing what he loves to do with what he knows he needs to do. Kyle is classified as a professional level racer and races with some of the best in the country. He has the full support of his parents, who along with Kyle, make up Denmyer Racing.

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MPC is a family owned and operated company with a mission to give back to the community in which we all work and live. We strive to support local organizations that encourage hard work and goal setting among our youth. The youth of our community is the future of our community. We look forward to watching as Kyle takes on the racing world. Watch with us, through updates on this site and Denmyer Racing.