What is Ready Mix Concrete?

Ready mix concrete, first developed in the 1930's and becoming much more popular in the 1960's, is a type of concrete that is manufactured at a batching facility and then delivered to a construction site. The components are a mixture of sand, stone, cement, and water. Cement is combined with water to form a paste. This paste is then mixed with fine and coarse aggregates (sand and stone, respectively) to form a solid material when hardened. The sand acts as a filler between the larger pieces of stone in ready-mixed concrete. There can also be other cementitious ingredients added to the concrete in addition to a range of admixtures that can be used to enhance and change the properties of ready-mixed concrete.

Cement vs. Concrete

Many people are confused about the difference between cement and concrete. Cement is the dry powdery material that is used to make concrete. It is made by heating crushed limestone and other raw materials and then grinding them into a fine powder. This powder is then combined with water, sand and stone to make concrete. The cement and water form a paste that binds the sand, stone and other materials together as the concrete cures or hardens. The paste is also the foundation or basis of the strength of the concrete.

Concrete Delivery

Ready mix concrete is bought and sold by volume, usually expressed in cubic yards. There are various types of concrete mixes that can be designed based on specific job requirements or concrete project specifications, and prompt delivery is critical in maintaining the integrity of any specified mixture. Our dispatching and quality control personnel can help you select the right concrete mix for your particular project. Once the appropriate mix has been developed and manufactured, our truck-mounted transit mixers deliver as quickly as possible the highest quality product to your job site.

Because MPC operates several batching plants locally, we are able to serve a wide geographic area with the most reliable concrete delivery service.