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stained concrete patioChoose CONCRETE for your next paving or building project and it will be built to last. Quality constructed concrete driveways, patios, and walkways provide greater value and are more aesthetically pleasing than other paving materials.

Benefits of CONCRETE:

  • Durable - Stands up to many years, 30+, of traffic and use
  • Maintenance Free - No need to seal coat a quality concrete installation
  • Great Appearance - Bright reflective surface remains cool under your feet
  • Clean straight edges and a smooth non-slip surface
  • Versatile - Exposed aggregate surface, river gravel and pea gravel
  • Concrete can be colored and/or stamped to create a variety of textured and decorative finishes

Planning and Preparation

Good planning is a great start for a quality concrete project. A properly prepared site and subgrade, along with good formwork and the correct concrete mix selection make for the beginning of a successful project.

Site preparation and placement of concrete is very labor intensive and time sensitive work. Proper finishing is best accomplished with previous knowledge and skill. If you have any reservations, consider hiring a quality concrete contractor. We can provide you with the names of quality concrete contractors, capable of completing your project. See our Frequently Asked Questions regarding concrete installation, maintenance and safety.

Our plant dispatchers will gladly assist you with ordering the proper ready mix concrete for your home improvement project. Call 410-273-7900 today to learn more.