Decorative Concrete

red brick stained imprinted concrete drivewayDecorative concrete applications are becoming more and more popular in both commercial and residential situations in Harford and Cecil Counties, as well as elsewhere in Maryland and Delaware. Using color-stained or stamped/textured concrete can dramatically improve the visual appeal of a previously boring driveway, patio or storefront, and allows homeowners and business owners to add personality to their architectural presentation.

While "decorative concrete" use to mean concrete that had either (a) varying degrees of exposed stone, or (b) been painted or otherwise color-coated, advancements in concrete chemistry have dramatically improved the versatility of concrete as a landscaping and architectural medium. In fact, the look, long-lasting durability, weather-resistance and overall strength of concrete have been significantly improved over the past 20-30 years.

textured and stained concrete looks like brownstoneThe term decorative concrete now includes concrete that has been topically color-stained or produced with integrated color stain, formed with molds or stamps, textured through various means, or mixed with varying amounts of stone/cement. Concrete can be made to look like almost any type of stone, brick, ceramic or wood surface, and has beautiful and long-lasting applications for driveways, patios, walkways, retaining walls, porches, interior floors, storefronts, large building facades, and more. In addition, concrete offers a more maintenance-free surface than wood, pavers, bricks or loose stone

Visit our concrete color provider's website for the various integrated concrete stain colors and topically applied concrete color-stain choices.

exposed aggregate concrete stepsCommon types of decorative concrete to consider:

If you are a Harford, Cecil, Kent, or New Castle County business or home owner, trust Maryland Portable Concrete to help create that beautiful, long lasting, decorative concrete patio, driveway, or architectural feature that will make your home, store or office building truly unique. Please visit the pages listed above for more information on the types of decorative concrete, their most common and interesting applications, and to view representative photos.